Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.

5 Responses to Tickets

  1. Rob Chapman says:

    Our college is getting ready to make the transition entirely to WordPress. Would this be a good conference for us to attend – knowing nothing about WP, or is this for more experienced users? Thanks!

    • Nick Gernert says:

      Rob, absolutely this will be a great experience. We have some folks from the University of Central Florida presenting specifically on their use of WordPress.

  2. Travis Lopes says:

    Will there be a list of speakers going up soon? I’m holding out on getting a ticket until it is known what the lineup will be.

  3. I feel I was fortunate to attend the 2009 Wordcamp. It was great and I wish you all the best with this one too. See you all on the 3rd and welcome back to Orlando!