Session Spotlight: Emerging Content Forms

Track: Publisher

Presenter: Dave Coustan (@extraface)

“Content,” like “Digital,” is a word that should denote a whole range of activities, but usually brings to mind just one – in this case, a bunch of words. As platforms and technologies and services evolve, they influence and are influenced by the unpredictable ways communities and makers take advantage of what those tools can do to present new kinds of things. Experiments and one-offs slowly evolve in to common forms as more makers use them, as audiences begin to understand and expect their conventions, and as they are found to fill an audience need or niche particularly well. This session will explore some of the things out there other than words that publishers are making, including videos that aren’t podcasts or shorts, pictures that move, pictures that don’t move, and the other (other) C word, Curation. After all of that talk about *what’s* being made, if there’s time we’ll talk a bit about how some of those forms of expression might influence *how* content is made.

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